Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19

Past Experience

Any organization largely depend upon the efficient use of the networking technology.
JBS team members have extensive experience in both broadband and wide area networking.

Following projects describe the experience in network technology.
Team’s Past Networking Technology Experience (While team members were working at AT&T).

DSL Access to AT&T Enterprise VPN Service

Provide DSL access to AT&T’s Managed Enterprise VPN service in UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.

[ For : AT&T, USA ]

AT&T Domestic/Global Network Gateway Interface

Allow smaller local domestic and international cable operators, carriers, or system integrators to extend their reach by connecting their
network to AT&T’s Global Network and provide Global Enterprise Data Networking services and solutions to their local customers.

[ For : AT&T, USA ]

The two projects below describe our experience in managing packet based FR/ATM/IP WAN networks and managing network capacity, routing etc.

Enterprise Data Packet Services

Deliver and extend FR, ATM, SIW, and IPeFR services in Mexico, Canada, and ROW. Worked with Alestra (Mexico), Allstream (AT&T Canada),
BT/Concert (EMEA, Asia, and Latin America).

[ For : AT&T, USA ]

Trunk Capacity Management and Route Analysis

Performed product and project management, system engineering. Defined service architecture, algorithms for routing and dropped packet analysis
and the detailed system requirements.

[ For : AT&T, USA ]